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Would you like to spend part of your course gaining practical experience in one of the biggest environmental and nature conservation organisations in the world?

Here’s what some of our former interns have to say

  • I chose to apply for an internship with WWF because I’m passionate about the environment and climate issues. They are also a very well-known and respected organisation that I thought would open many more doors for me than other organisations. I’ve always known that I want to be proud of and stand up for the organisation or company I work for and doing an internship at WWF is definitely something I’m proud of. In my internship, I’ve learned practical things like using Photoshop, Wordpress and viaTT, which is a tool for publishing press releases. I’ve also learned how to write press releases and tweets. But most of all, I’ve been able to see how an organisation/workplace really works. The best thing about my internship has been getting to know all the amazing people here. It’s been inspiring to hear about everyone’s different qualifications and careers and has made me look forward even more to what’s next.

    Nikol Cekredzi

    Studied cultural anthropology at Uppsala University, interned in WWF’s press department in spring 2023

  • I applied to WWF to learn more about conservation photography and to find out more about the organisation’s conservation and restoration work. In my internship I was able to participate in field visits, documenting the visit and contributing photographs for the press and for WWF’s partners. I was also given the job of taking photographs of fauna and locations that weren’t already in WWF’s image bank, and of creating social media content. In my time at WWF, I’ve learned a lot about what is important for nature and wildlife in Sweden at the moment and about restoration methods. I’ve also gained an insight into what working in a large organisation is like and have learned to use collaborative communication tools. The most satisfying things in my internship are the variety of tasks, learning things all the time and the opportunity to meet fantastic people. I’ve had the privilege of feeling that I have been able to contribute while also learning a lot of things that will be valuable for my future work as a photographer and as an advocate for nature and wildlife.

    Sofia Theodoridoy

    Studied Motion Creative at Hyper Island, interned in WWF’s communications department in spring 2023

  • I´ve always been interested in working in an NGO, to see how things differ compared to a regular company, this combined with my interest in the environment led me to apply for an internship at WWF. As an intern, I have mostly been conducting a review of the Baltic Sea Farmer Award, but also helping out with various communications related tasks (promoting webinars, writing articles, etc.). Generally being involved in whatever projects are happening at any given time. I have learned a lot during my internship! I´ve come to a better understanding of the role that communicators play in an organisation, but also how NGO´s function at a national and international scale. The most fun part of my internship, aside from when all interns meet for "praktikfika" (which were a highlight) it has generally been getting to know people. Everyone you bump into in the corridor has really interesting projects going on, and for the most part they are happy to talk about it. I´ve also really liked the invitations to lunch presentations where I´ve learnt a lot about all sorts of topics.

    Cameron Weston

    Studying Marketing Communications at Stockholm University, interned in WWF Baltic Sea Programme in fall 2023

  • I was drawn to this internship position as I have long been curious to learn more about how transformative partnerships between NGOs and corporations work in practice. I also wanted to experience the atmosphere of a large NGO, especially one whose mission aligns with my values. As a corporate communications intern, my main task has been to conduct a stakeholder analysis, which involved qualitative research methods and analyzing the data. I’ve also had the opportunity to draft fact sheets, interview contact persons, edit articles and exposure stories, and do event work (Comic Con was amazing!). Through these experiences, I've honed my understanding of global communication dynamics, strategic thinking, problem-solving, adaptability, and team collaboration. Besides meeting driven and inspirational people who genuinely care about their work and projects, my favorite part of the internship has been partaking in the year-round swimming in the lake behind the office and being able to take walks in the nature reserve during lunch or whenever a breath of fresh air was needed.

    Quinci Croall

    Studying International Development and Management (LUMID) at Lund University, interned as corporate communicator at WWFs WWF IKEA partnership